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The Brainstorm Agency is the brainchild of Emily Young.

What started out as a solo-venture of offering graphic design services became a collection of small businesses that are run by Emily's family.


Plus, she still does graphic design when she makes the time. 


Dog Ear Books

Opened in 2016, this mother-daughter duo took on the responsibility of making sure their city still had a "soul". After Hastings shut down, there was no longer a new bookstore in the community. Dog Ear Books made sure that was a short-lived problem. 

Now located at 312 W 2nd Street in Russellville, AR - Dog Ear Books is right in the Downtown area with a coffee shop, Retro Roasts, to boot! 

Retro Roasts

Starting inside a retro-style arcade in the winter of 2018, Retro Roasts was born. The coffees are all named after historical people and places within Russellville, making sure people have a nice healthy dose of city knowledge with their cup of coffee. 

Now located inside Dog Ear Books at 312 W 2nd Street in Russellville, AR. 

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The Offbeat Times

An online source that houses all the different goings-on in Russellville that might get missed by regular news and entertainment outlets. Offbeat promotes local podcasts as well as multiple voices discussing local politics and art. 

Housed in The Brainstorm Space, online at

The Brainstorm Space

A creative coworking space in Russellville Downtown focusing on collaborating, not competing within the creative community. Launched in 2024 as a collaboration between Tal Swicegood and Emily Young, it is the first active coworking space in Russellville. 

Located at 317 W B St in Russellville, AR.

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Emily's wife, Nikkila Young, is a multi-faceted artist from Memphis, TN. She has since brought her ceramics business, babycreep, into the world of The Brainstorm Agency.

Located online at

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